Travel Arrangements

Here you can access information on booking your flights and travelling home, including important notes about quarantine and customs regulations.
Travel documents
Booking flights
Be drug aware
Australian Quarantine and Customs Regulations

Travel documents
Make sure you check that your Passport and travel documents are current and valid. Also check that your airline ticket and flight details are correct.
Booking flights
When bookings your flights home, search the internet for competitive flight prices, and plan your departure date in advance. Book your flight allowing yourself enough time to complete all the tasks related to tying up.

AusAid Students will be assisted with their return flight bookings –¬†When organising your flights home, keep the following tips in mind:

Check that the price of your airline ticket includes additional taxes
Arrange for transport to the airport for you and your luggage. Check your ticket for what time you need to be at the airport.
Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with a friend
Notify your family and friends of your return flight date. They need time to prepare for your arrival
It is highly recommended you take out Travel Insurance
Contact your home country Embassy or Consulate to determine what custom regulations you will need to consider when taking your belongings home.
For more detailed information for travellers departing Australia visit the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service website.
Be drug aware
Australia does not condone drug usage. Be aware that drug laws differ from country to country, and evidence of drug usage in Australia may be considered a criminal offence in your home country. Be aware that drugs can still show in tests for some time after their use.

Australian Quarantine and Customs Regulations
You must declare cash amounts of $A10,000 or more in foreign or Australian currency you take out of Australia (notes and coins) to Australian Customs.

You must declare some items, including heritage items, firearms and ammunition, protected wildlife, defence and strategic goods. If you are thinking of taking firearms and ammunition, food products, wildlife souvenirs or products out of the country, you may need to declare them. Make sure you follow the Australian Government rules.

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It is advisable to carry a PBS Medicine Export Declaration if you intend to take out a large amount of prescription medication.

For more information visit the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service website.

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