What is OSHC?
OSHC is insurance to assist international students meet the costs of medical and hospital care that they may need while in Australia. OSHC will also pay limited benefits for pharmaceuticals and ambulance services.
Who has to take out OSHC?
People who must take out OSHC are overseas students undertaking formal studies in Australia and their dependents (for example, spouses and children under 18 years old).

For the purposes of OSHC, ‘overseas student’ means:
a person who is the holder of a student visa; or
a person who:
– is an applicant for a student visa; and
– is the holder of a bridging visa; and
– was immediately before being granted the bridging visa, the holder of a student visa.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires overseas students to maintain OSHC for the duration of time they are in Australia. For further information please visit the Department of Immigration & Border Protection website.
Who doesn’t have to take out OSHC?
Belgian, Norwegian and some Swedish students are not required to purchase OSHC as part of their visa requirements.
Belgian students

As a result of an agreement between the Australian and Belgian governments, all Belgian students are considered to have met ‘adequate insurance’ requirements on the basis of the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement between Australia and Belgium. If you are a Belgian student, you will not have to take out OSHC to meet your visa requirements. For further information about your visa requirements please see the Department of Immigration & Border Protection website.

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